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The fashion industry faces major ecological challenges, being the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. We talk about it every day in the industry, but there are no big solutions yet other than purchasing eco-responsible and traceable fabrics. That’s why Eunkyung KANG started her research on zero waste pattern method during her master’s degree at EnsAD.

The zero waste patronage method is a very recent concept as there was no research on its application in the fashion industry on a large scale. With Isabelle Lautrette, who was her sewing and pattern teacher and who was also inspired by zero waste patronage, Eunkyung did many experiments during her master’s degree in order to present the ‘Exercise 0’ for her diploma project.

This project was noticed during the diploma project and during the Wisewomen competition and we decided to develop it commercially. The diploma project and Wisewomen juries found the project innovative and creative, especially on the point of integration into the fashion industry.

Henry Boisgibault is a partner in the project, an engineer graduating from CentraleSup√©lec. When he joined the team, we discovered that it was possible to partly automate the process using optimization algorithms. That’s when the idea for zero waste pattern software came up. A third of the process time can be reduced with this software. Being an engineer who has accompanied several IT projects, he directs the technological part of the project, the development of the software. We are selected as laur√©at of PSL prototype competition.

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